Mattress protector

mattress protector is an item of removable bedding that encases a mattress to protect it. Parda Emporium’s mattress protectors also provide protection to the person sleeping on the mattress from allergens and irritants such as dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and dead skin (like dandruff).
Although the surface of a mattress can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, it is very difficult to completely remove stains from most standard mattresses. An unprotected mattress can become marked or stained quite quickly as natural perspiration produced throughout the night passes through a standard cloth sheet and creates a characteristic yellowish-brown tidemark where it has been absorbed into the upper surface of the mattress. Mattresses are also susceptible to many other contaminant.
Waterproof mattress protectors keep the mattress clean by securing it from absorbing body excretions (such as sweat) or other liquids resulting from spills.
• Hypo-allergenic Breathable cotton terry fabric for Healthier sleep
• 100% waterproof mattress cover, providing the ultimate in liquid & stain mattress protection.
• Waterproof yet air vapor porous – acting the same way as human skin
• Ultra soft touch for luxurious cool & comfortable sleep
• Fitted sheet style mattress protector
• Protective against stains such as spills , sweat, bodily fluid , Bed wetting