Motorized tracks & Automation

Advances in technology and increased demand for smart and connected living have all contributed to rising excitement about motorised blinds & curtains. The benefits are many: The ability to control your shades or blinds & curtains with the touch of a button. Freedom from unsightly cords.
Despite their higher cost, motorised blinds and shades are a sound investment for any home. They provide the utmost convenience, especially if you have hard-to-reach windows or if persons in your home have mobility issues. Motorised products are also safer for kids and pets since they don’t have potentially dangerous cords.
With proper care, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of motorised blinds and shades for years to come.
Any kind of Blinds can be motorised & operate via remote or automation system.

Motorized curtain tracks bring a completely new dimension to your interiors. The system gives you the freedom to control the curtain either by remote control, wired switches or automation system.