Roman blinds

Offerings elegant styling for your windows, Roman blinds are among the most popular window treatments as they compliment any style of home and decorating motif beautifully. Available in a wide range of fabrics, colours and patterns Roman blinds offer an affordable way to give a room pizzazz and style.

Made from a piece of flat fabric a Roman blind has a lining attached to the back of the fabric to form a sealed pocket, similar to an envelope, which has pull cords attached for raising and lowering the envelope of fabrics. When raised the fabric automatically folds and stacks on top of itself, creating a series of neat horizontal folds. When closed, lowered, the fabric becomes flat again to entirely cover the window.

When the cords are all pulled together simultaneously the bottom dowel is raised up to meet the dowel above it. This creates a fold in the fabric, the higher the blind is raised the more folds are created until it is fully opened. The number of folds created is determined by the length of the window. The rods, channels and cords are all discreetly placed at the back of the blind and never visible from the front.

Roman blinds can be made from a wide choice of good quality fabrics. Plain, semi-plain or patterned fabrics can be used to coordinate or contrast with the colour scheme of your room. Roman blinds can be made from any fabric. Option of motorization & automation is also available.