Window blind

To add glamour & luxury to your home window blinds are the latest & smart way to dress-up your home.  The versatility & numerous designs not only make these products suitable for homes with any decor style but they also are easy to maintain. Parda Emporium is one of the trusted store in Delhi NCR for it’s blinds. We have production unit for any kind of customized, motorized or automation blinds.

Roller blinds;-

Roller blind is a piece of fabric attached to an aluminium rolled tube, finished with a chain pulley system that rolls the fabric up or down the tube, allowing you to set the fabric to your desired level in the window area.
Whether it be to shade, give a luxury look to the window, or to block out the sunshine, or even all three, the roller is the easiest and most cost effective way to complete your window dressing.
Parda emporium’s roller blinds are sleek & compact in design. We offer more than 400 types of colour, pattern & designs in Zebra blinds, Triple shade blinds, pleated blinds, sunscreen blinds, dimout blinds & blackout blinds.